Day 2 of the March 2024 Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris unfolded as a breathtaking display of divine power, marking a profound encounter with the supernatural. From Mexico to Malaysia, testimonies poured in, revealing the transformative touch of God across borders and boundaries.

At a Healing Center in Sri Lanka, they recorded 3 testimonies a young boy received healing from chest pain, a lady was healed of epilepsy and another lady of depression.

Over in Pakistan, Navid, regained perfect vision in his eyes, liberated from years of pain and vision loss in a moment of divine intervention.

Pastor Chris delivered a stirring message on salvation and what it means to be born again. In his teaching he explained that receiving salvation or healing marks the beginning of God's work in your life, setting you on a divine path. 

There are two destinies: the natural, influenced by life's circumstances, and the divine, orchestrated by God. Embracing God's plan demands faith and cooperation, starting with saying YES to Him. Without this, one risks vulnerability to negative spiritual influences. Salvation births a new life in Christ, but it's crucial to be rooted in faith and taught God's word to withstand trials. The Holy Spirit vitalizes and empowers believers, ensuring continual health and victory over adversities. Leaders, especially, need the Holy Spirit for discernment and guidance. Without Him, life lacks direction and purpose in a world created by God.

Pastor Chris greatly emphasized on this truth: “God saves you to make you His partner. He wants to live in you, and you and Him become one.”

At the commencement of the service, Pastor Deola Phillips, the Healing School Director ignited the gathering with her infectious enthusiasm, heralding the life-transforming impact of the Healing Streams program. Under her guidance, attendees entered into a realm of expectation and anticipation for the miraculous.

Senior ministers, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, Rev. Ray Okocha and Pastor Johan De Beer joined Pastor Deola Phillips to reflect on the unprecedented impact of Day 1. Their shared testimonies resonated deeply with the global audience, affirming the immeasurable reach of the Healing ministry.

Julius from Canada’s testimony was read out. He was ministered to on the virtual healing line the day before and received healing from arthritis. Over in UK, a 3-year-old who had been unable to walk from birth, following a brain tumor, walked for the first time!

They prepared the hearts of attendees with these words, “Now is the appointed time for God’s favor and blessing; healing is available to anyone that opens their hearts and believes.”

Soul-stirring worship sessions led by the Loveworld Singers paved the way for divine encounters, infusing the congregation with unwavering faith. Esteemed Evangelist Dr. Eddy Owase facilitated a session featuring powerful testimonies, inspiring millions worldwide with accounts of miraculous healing.

The testimonies shared earlier in the service echoed the prevailing atmosphere of faith and healing. From liberation from heart disease, ovarian cancer, psoriasis, visual impairments, mobility challenges, organ dysfunction, and even breaking free from death, each testimony underscored the limitless power of God to transform lives.

As Day 2 drew to a close, Pastor Chris issued a resounding call to action, urging participants to share their testimonies and experience complete wholeness. As led by the Holy Spirit, he also shared that he would be praying for families and countries at the grand finale!

With Day 3 on the horizon, anticipation soared for the climactic finale of this extraordinary event.

Remember, the Healing Streams never cease to flow. No condition is too difficult for the Lord. Join us in celebrating the miracles and testimonies by sharing your own story at www.healingstreams.tv/testimony. If you missed the live event, catch the rebroadcast on Healing Streams TV. For further information, reach out to us at [email protected].




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