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“I received healing for psoriasis during the Healing School Online Prayer Conference. My skin and whole body has been perfected. Praise the Lord!”

Xavier India

“Praise the Lord! As I was watching the testimony session, especially that of the young girl who had a growth in her neck, the heaviness, and anxiety that I had been feeling in my head disappeared. I’m free! Totally free! ”

Opeoluwa Nigeria

“I'm grateful to God, for the Healing School Online Prayer Conference. I got healed of nagging pain like tonsillitis in my throat when one of the Pastors was praying; he declared healing for pain in the neck, and immediately the pain disappeared. I also received a financial miracle at that same time. I am so grateful to God. Hallelujah! ”

Nontumelo South Africa

“I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and other complications, which include kidney issues, chest pain, migraines, and other conditions. I have been to the hospital, and after repeated treatment and admissions, I was told I should live with it, as it is incurable. Well, when I heard of the Healing School prayer conference, I knew that my healing was sure. So I connected via my computer, and as the prayer was going on, I felt my room was full of the power of God, and then, I felt a hot sensation moving from my foot upward to my waist and got lighter and now I am healed. Praise the Lord. I am thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to my man of God, Pastor Chris. ”

Abraham United Kingdom

“Hallelujah. I got healed of pollen during the Healing Schoool Online Prayer Conference. I had a blocked nose and so many other symptoms but as we participated in the different segments of the program, God visited my home and healed my mother and I. We are so grateful to Jesus, and to Pastor Chris, our man of God. ”

Carolle Switzerland

“As we prayed during the Healing School Online Prayer Conference, I noticed that the pain in my body vanished completely. Glory to God! ”

Supipi Sri Lanka

“I have been made whole; physically, mentally, and in all areas of life. God has made me whole; there’s no more pain in my breast, no more lumps, and no more worries. Glory to God! ”

Angela Nigeria

“I was diagnosed with mucosal fibroid and bilateral ovarian cysts on both my right and left ovaries. The left one contained some fluids so I was asked to prepare for surgery later that month. But as I connected to the Healing School Online Prayer Conference and was participating, I placed my phone on my lower abdomen, where I felt the pain, and immediately, I felt relief, and then, Pastor Deola Phillips asked us to do what we couldn't do before. I did just that; I bent and stretched myself from side to side without any pain. I want to thank God for my healing. I also want to thank our man of God, Pastor Chris, the director of the Healing school, and all Healing School partners. Praise God! ”

Sandra . Ghana

“I was recently diagnosed with peptic ulcer. But as I participated in the Healing School Online Prayer Conference, Pastor Deola declared healing for my condition as she prayed and I received healing. Thank you, Lord. Thank you Pastor ma. Glory be to God! ”

Bongiwe . United Kingdom

“I suffered from gout for over three years. The Lord healed me on the first day of the Live Healing Services as the man of God, Pastor Chris asked us to touch his hands through the screen of our devices. When I did, I sensed the healing power of God go through me and I knew in my heart that the infirmity was gone forever. Hallelujah! I want to thank God and the Man of God, Pastor Chris. I love you so much, Pastor. Thank you. ”

Ernest . United Kingdom

“My wife was sick for about three to four months; she had chest pains and struggled even to drink water. As the man of God, Pastor Chris ministered healing and said to put our hand wherever we needed healing, my wife put her hand on her chest and the power of God touched her. She fell down right there and received her healing. She is so excited about her miracle. We thank God for you, Pastor Chris. We love you. ”

Samuel . South Africa

“During the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, I got healed of arthritis and back pain. Now, I am completely whole. Thank you very much, Pastor Chris. ”

Catharine . Zimbabwe

“I always tune in to watch the Healing Streams weekly broadcasts not just because I need miracles, but to relish the awesome presence of God during the programs. My wife and I have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb, having been married for 20 years because I suffered from erectile dysfunction. As I participated on the first day during the July edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, I got healed of that condition; now, I am whole. Hallelujah. Praise God.”

Ikechukwu . Sweden

“Praise God! I got healed of backache which troubled me for about three years as I participated during the worship session of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, just before the man of God came in. On that same day, I miraculously received some money that I wasn’t expecting. I’m really grateful to God for my healing, and to Pastor Chris for allowing himself to be used by God to heal me. God bless you sir, and more grace. ”

Hubert . United Arab Emirates
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