For two days, the world watched on as the power of God swept through the internet, bringing healing and life to so many across the globe. This service was the crowning of a truly epochal event.

Opening the service, the Director of the Healing School, Pastor Deola Phillips, led members of the global audience in prayer and proceeded to share salient points to note for maximum participation in the service.  

Up next was a segment of testimonies with senior ministers at the Healing School, the highly esteemed Rev. Tom Amenkhienan and Rev. Ray Okocha. Full of excitement from the awesome miracles received from Day 1 and 2 of the Live Healing Services, Rev. Tom remarked, “For some of you, as you hear these testimonies, faith will spark to life in your heart. What God does for one, He does for all.”

He shared the testimony of Patricia from Norway. Patricia was diagnosed with a tumor in her brain. She was unable to walk as a result and was in constant pain. Patricia connected to the Healing Streams, and she received her healing. Now all the pains are gone, and she can walk perfectly.

There was Michael, a 69-year-old medical doctor in Nigeria. Michael lost his memory in the 1990s due to an accident. On the second day of the Healing Streams, he was watching and his memory returned. After sharing these and several other mind-blowing praise reports, Reverend Tom exhorted, “If you have received a miracle, make sure to testify; it will inspire faith in others, and you will be giving glory to God by testifying.”

Taking over, Reverend Ray shared the testimony of Sadmandu from the UAE who suffered from multiple myeloma and a fractured lumbar vertebra that caused him excruciating agony. On the second day of the Healing Streams, He noticed that the pain was gone and all the other symptoms with it. He also mentioned two hospitals in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria where viewing centers have seen a large proportion of their patients discharged in the first two days of the Healing Streams.  

“Right where you are, the power of God is there. You don’t have to be in the studio with the man of God. From here, the healing power is being streamed out to the whole world, and there’s no distance in the realm of the Spirit. Wherever you are, when Pastor Chris gives the word, receive your healing and begin to do the things you could not do before,” Reverend Ray charged everyone who needed a miracle.

Next was a lineup of testimonies in a segment anchored by Evangelist Eddy Owase, a senior minister at the Healing School and host of Real Miracles Today.

First was the testimony of Samuel Oladokun. Samuel was diagnosed with Wilm's tumor in 2021. He underwent chemotherapy and surgery thereafter, yet the cancer metastasized, spreading to his heart. Samuel’s mother brought him to the October 2021 Healing Streams where Pastor Chris ministered to Samuel, and immediately he began to recover. Over the next few weeks. The tumor shrank to nothing; his energy came back, and he became cancer-free. “I did not believe in miracles before this, but God showed me that He is God,” Samuel’s mother said.

One day in 2015, 39-year-old Grace Michael collapsed, and after she was rushed to the hospital, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was slowly destroying her internal organs. Her brother who had been healed of a rare form of blood cancer at the Healing School convinced her to attend. The big day arrived, and when Pastor Chris rebuked the evil spirit that caused her illness, she was healed instantly. Now, she works with young children at a school, a dream she nursed while she prepared to receive her healing. “Imagine yourself going home and doing everything you’ve dreamed of doing, and it will happen. Don’t negotiate with the devil,” she charged everyone listening.

By this time, the atmosphere was electric with expectation and faith, and Pastor Chris arrived and began to minister to the sick in the studio.  As he went from person to person laying his hands, demons came out of them, symptoms ceased, and joy overflowed everywhere. Several people in wheelchairs and on stretchers got up and walked, some for the first time in years.

Pastor Chris began his teaching with a question; “How many times have you heard someone say that God said he will not share his glory with another?”  

He went on to show from the scriptures what God really meant when He said that. “In Isaiah 42 verse 8, God said, ‘I am the Lord, that is my Name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images. The one that He refers to as ‘another’, is the same referred to as graven images,” He explained.

Continuing, he expounded from the scriptures how God’s intent was for us to bear His glory, an intent that He fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Reading from John chapter 17, he showed Jesus in His own words saying to the Father, “The glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one…”

The global audience rejoiced to know that God had predestined us for a life of glory, the ability to not only live free of sickness and defeat but also to spread this life to others.

Immediately after, it was time to minister to the sick who were watching from all over the world. It was just like in the days of Jesus; there was healing for everyone who connected, and joy unspeakable and full of glory.

The celebrations that resulted from this overflow of the miraculous haven’t stopped. Since the program, daily live broadcasts of Festival of Miracles run for three hours (from 6 pm GMT+1 Mondays to Thursdays, and 4 pm GMT+1 Fridays to Sundays), showcasing the impact of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services and some of the countless testimonies recorded so far.  

Join in the jubilations; send in your testimonies at [email protected] and watch Festival of Miracles at healingstreams.tv. God bless you.

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