Let’s talk about your legs and feet for a moment. They take you everywhere you need to go. Estimatedly, the legs and feet carry a person on a journey equal to travelling around the earth three times in the course of a lifetime. Legs and feet impact nearly every part of life every day, but they seldom get enough attention. Fit and healthy legs are vital to living a life that’s free of pain, pressure, stress, etc. So, what more should you be doing for proper care of your legs and feet?  

• Create and maintain routines for proper care. This is especially important if your work or daily activities involve moving around or standing for long. Elevate your feet when you get the chance, particularly at the end of the day; be sure to lift your feet above your heart. Massage your feet and legs often to improve blood circulation and relax your muscles. Soak your feet once in a while to help relieve tension in the muscles.  

• Good shoes help your feet work better. The perfect shoes will go a long way in preventing swollen or itchy feet, and will also help you avoid pain in the ankles and back. Your comfort and overall wellbeing could very well be made or marred by your choice of shoes. Try on shoes (both feet) and walk in them a little before accepting them; always get the best it for your feet. Select shoes that match the shape of your feet, rather than just picking trendy shoes. For ladies, pick heels carefully; go for safety, balance, and comfort to avoid slips that may cause sprains and fractures. As much as possible, choose shoes with perforated or open designs to let in some air and avoid infections, especially if you have sweaty feet.  

• Stay clean. Taking care of your feet also involves simple hygiene practices: take a daily bath. Frequently wash and change stockings and socks. Carry out regular inspections of your legs and feet to check for cuts, breaks in the skin, infections, etc. Change shoes daily, and air them out when not in use. Avoid going barefoot as much as possible. Wear slippers while at home.  

• Keep a healthy weight. Your legs carry the whole body, so extra weight means your legs have more work to do than is absolutely necessary. Overweight people usually develop issues with their legs, including excessive swelling, cramps and joint pains, fatigue, etc. Consciously watch your weight by eating healthy and staying it and active.  

• Exercising helps. Your bones and muscles get stronger when you work out, especially weightbearing exercises such as weight-lifting, tennis, walking and dancing; these help to build bones and protect your balance and coordination. Take 30-minute walks at least 3 times every week. Stretch your legs at intervals throughout the day; you can also exercise your feet by rolling a roller or a ball under them.  

• Things to not do. Avoid smoking, which diminishes efective blood circulation to the skin on lower limbs and hampers healing. Don’t use harsh soap on your skin; use mild or moisturizing soap, and always apply moisturizing cream or oil after washing to help hydrate the whole body. Lastly, don’t ignore pain, especially when it is prolonged; take a break to exercise, rest, massage, or elevate your legs and feet as necessary, to prevent the development of any problems later.  

Above all, remember to speak the Word of God to your body always. Your body is inundated with the power of the Holy Spirit, from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. You live in divine health every day

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