Join us from July 28th - 30th at 3.00 p.m. (GMT+1) daily for the overflowing love of God, curing His people of illnesses and diseases and blessing each and every one lavishly once again!

Are you ready to be part of this incredible move of God? Participate in the Healing Streams Live Healing Services by:

• Inviting someone to register at: www.healingstreams.tv/zone/WEBMN  

• Joining the 1 million prayer cloud at: www.healingstreams.tv/prayer

• Setting up a healing center at: www.healingstreams.tv/virtual

• Giving towards the program at: www.healingstreams.tv/partner

The Lord has amazing things lined up for you, your loved ones, and all your invitees! This is God's set time for healing, restoration, health, and wellness for billions around the world.

"This will be your own opportunity to receive a great blessing from the Lord that will change your life forever!" ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

During the recent past edition of the Live Healing Services in March 2023, numerous lives were transformed and testimonies have not ceased. For 10 years, Erdenesteg's health deteriorated as she was treated for diabetes, heart failure, chronic kidney failure, and high blood pressure. Due to these conditions, she could not walk and move her hands freely and had many other symptoms. Erdenesteg registered and participated in the Healing Streams Live Healing Services. As Pastor Chris prayed for the sick, Erdenesteg received her miracle!

The Lord's healing power is not done yet! It will saturate the earth during this edition of the Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. Supernatural healing will fill every nook and cranny, restoring everlasting joy.

Join us via the Healing School Mobile App or healingstreams.tv daily at 3 p.m. (GMT+1) from Friday, 28 to Sunday, 30 July 2023, to participate in this glorious event. Invite everyone you know to partake of God's overflowing blessings. If you haven't yet registered or confirmed your participation in the program, please visit healingstreams.tv/zone/WEBMN.

During the limited hours of the live services, make a conscious effort to stay focused and avoid distractions, as your miracle can manifest at any moment. Fully engage in every segment of the program: immerse yourself in prayer, worship, lift your hands in praise, yield to the Holy Spirit's guidance, and attentively listen to the ministration of the word by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

As you prepare to receive your special miracle, remember there’s no distance in the realm of the spirit and the power of God will flow right where you are!  

We look forward to receiving your testimonies here: healingstreams.tv/testimonies. God bless you!

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