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Healing Everywhere Lead Partnership Extender

About H.E.L.P.ER

The Healing Everywhere Lead Partnership Extenders is an initiative introduced last year 2023 and it is aimed at raising H.E.L.P.ER for to participate and sponsor the initiatives, programs, and exploits connected to the Healing to the Nations Mandate. H.E.L.P.ER are not only financially involved in sponsorship, but also recruit other H.E.L.P.ER to join in sponsoring the Healing ministry of our man of God, Pastor Chris, and also give towards it.

VISION: Raising and enlisting Healing Everywhere Lead Partnership Extenders that will be sponsors of the Healing Ministry of the Man of God through the H.E.L.P.ER Initiative.

Aims & Objectives

• To raise a formidable workforce for the sponsorship of the Healing Ministry of the Man of God
• To inspire our partners to become H.E.L.P.ER and subsequently transform their LEADs into HELPERs as well.
• To follow up and ensure all helpers and leads give at least 100 Espees ($100) this year.
Join us and make a difference by taking healing outreaches to different places and peoples in your community and to the world at large. Together, let’s take healing everywhere.