The ordinary human body is sustained by blood (Leviticus 17:11). That’s the reason blood diseases are very deadly, because they attack the whole body.

When Jesus died on the Cross, however, something interesting transpired. A Roman soldier thrust a spear through His side, and “blood and water gushed out.” His heart had ruptured, and all His blood drained out. His body was buried without blood. When He was raised from the dead, the resurrected body of Jesus had no blood.

So, where did the life of the body of Jesus come from? After all, He didn’t come back to life as a ghost, He resurrected in flesh. The Bible tells us He was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father; that’s the Holy Ghost! The Holy Ghost overshadowed the dead body of Jesus, quickened it, and Jesus came back to life, His body being without blood.

Our opening verse is such a powerful revelation from the Word of God. However, many have only related to it as though it’s a mere promise but it isn’t a promise. The question to ask is, “Does the Spirit live in you?” Yes, if you have received Him into your life. That means the second part has also been fulfilled in you since the vitalizing of your mortal body is preconditioned on the Spirit dwelling in you.

Now that you’re born again, you have the same life with which Jesus was raised from the dead. This has already happened! Your physical body, your hitherto death-doomed and death-prone body has been rejuvenated, reinvigorated, and vitalized by the Holy Ghost who lives in you. The day the Holy Spirit took up His abode in you was when He quickened—gave life—to your mortal body. As a Christian, what you have isn’t a combination of the divine and human life; you don’t have two lives, but one—the divine life. This divine life and nature of God in your spirit has an impact on your physical body.

The Bible says He brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel (2 Timothy 1:10). Hallelujah! Not knowing how to rightly apply the Word has made some not see the reality of God’s Word and, as a result, live in the realm of promises. It’s the reason some are still subject to the elements of this world, battling with headaches, colds and fevers, instead of living a life of dominion through the Spirit.

Your response to Romans 8:11, “...if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal body…” should be this declaration: “The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead has taken up His abode in me, and has vitalized my mortal body; He has made my body come alive with the life of God! Now I have the life and nature of God in me.”

This was what the Apostle Paul knew, which was why he didn’t panic when a venomous viper fastened itself around his arm. He merely shook the beast into the fire and continued what he was doing (read Acts 28). Being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, you no longer live by blood but by the power of the Spirit.

This is your present-hour reality. This is the reason sickness, for the Christian, is estranged; it’s an anomaly; it’s not supposed to be, because the life in you is divine. Meditate on this truth, and endorse it in your personal life and you’ll forever live above sickness, disease, defeat and all the depravities that affect human nature. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead has given life to your physical body, making you indestructible.

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