The Healing School is God's outstretched arm to the peoples and nations of the earth. This multifaceted healing ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris, has been a phenomenal blessing to many nations through various outreach platforms over the years. With various materials and programs, the Healing School has presence in 242 countries and territories across the globe and is making tremendous impact through ministrations to the sick and the lost.

Charged with a divine mandate to take healing to the nations, partners of the Healing School join Pastor Chris in making healing and miracles happen for countless people all over the world. Our God is faithful, gracious, and kind; as such, Healing School partners enjoy remarkable blessings directly as a result of their partnership.  

Kelemogile from Botswana attests: “Ever since I started partnering with the Healing School, I have experienced a transformation in my health. I used to experience some health challenges but as I confessed God’s Word with the consciousness of the grace that I partake of as a result of my partnership with the Healing School, I became victorious. I now enjoy divine health; I am perfect, and no sickness can stay in my body. Thank You, Jesus!”

Soumya Padala from the USA says: “Jesus told me to support the man of God, Pastor Chris, because he’s doing the work that God asked him to do. During the March edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, God instructed me to invest a specific amount of money in Healing Streams. It was the money that I had saved up as a down payment for a house I wanted. I signed the cheque right away and gave it as my partnership without hesitation. Since that day, I have experienced so much increase and got so much more than what I gave.”

Like these partners, you too can partake of the many blessings of partnering with the man of God, Pastor Chris. Ascend to a new level in your partnership today by joining forces with the man of God, Pastor Chris, in taking healing to nations.  

How? By participating in the Healing to the Nations Live program happening by 12 noon this Saturday, 15 January 2022. This is a special event that will propel you to higher dimensions of relevance in doing the Lord's work of global evangelism.  

Avail yourself of this opportunity today. Register yourself and everyone in your sphere of contact for this program now at www.healingstreams.tv/httnlive.


For more information, follow the Healing School SuperUser on KingsChat. 

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