Did you notice the Bible didn't say some things or all spiritual things are yours? Rather, it says, all things are yours! You may say, “But when I look at my life, it doesn't seem as though all things truly belong to me!” The problem is that you're looking at the wrong things. Stop looking at what you think you don't have and receive what God has given you. 

The Bible says it's impossible for God to lie (Hebrews 6:18); if He says all things are yours, then all things are yours. It's your responsibility to receive God's Word into your spirit and walk in the light of it. This is what the New Testament is all about – receiving what God has given! You're not supposed to work to get anything because God has already given you everything. You should know that it's one thing to be given something and another thing to receive it.

Your responsibility is to receive all that God has given you. Just as you had to receive His life into you by faith to be born again, you must receive divine health, abundant prosperity, success, victory and everything He gave you to live the good life on earth. Already, these blessings are yours, but you must appropriate them to your life by functioning in that revelation. 

Live your life with the consciousness and conviction that all things are truly yours now because the Word of God says so. The Bible says, “…the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matthew 11:12). In other words, lay hold on your inheritance and let nothing cheat you out of God's best. 

Everything you need for life and godliness has already been made available to you. “Why then do we pray?” you might want to ask. Prayer is not all about asking God for things. When I pray, I don't ask for anything, as I lack nothing. Some people can't but mention all their needs each time they pray because they believe God won't do anything until they say it. If you pray like that, I want you to know that He still won't do anything after you've said it because He's already done everything. Prayer should be a time to fellowship with your heavenly Father.

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Remember, all things are yours; therefore, receive all things and start walking in your inheritance today.

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