Shining With Healing To The Nations Magazine

Through the Spread Faith Campaign, the Healing to the Nations Magazine has recorded tremendous impact from all around the world. Countless testimonies abound from people on how Healing to the Nations Magazine has been blessing and influencing lives. 

Florence Hoffmeyer, a leader at the Healing School Cyber Church, is an active participant in the Spread Faith Campaign. She organizes outreaches in her city, distributing free copies of Healing to the Nations Magazine. Through her Gospel efforts, many have received salvation, an impartation of the Spirit, and learned God’s Word concerning their healing and health. Recently, she visited Delémont City in Switzerland, sharing the good news encapsulated in the Magazine. In the course of this outing, Florence encountered a lady who was touched by the awe-inspiring testimonies from this life-changing material. As a result, she gave her heart to Christ and was gloriously grateful for such an opportunity to receive the new and unconquerable life. She thanked the man of God, Pastor Chris, for the gift of the Healing to the Nations Magazine. Glory to God! 

From Kenya, Herve, another leader at the Healing School Cyber Church shares: “The Holy Spirit led us from house to house where we visited people with health problems. We visited them, sharing excerpts from Healing to the Nations Magazine. Not only did we share God’s Word with the people, but we also prayed for them specially, commanding every demon of infirmity to leave their bodies. As we did, miracles took place and many wondered at the power of God demonstrated. They were excited to receive the Magazine. One of the remarkable impacts of this outreach was the opportunity to introduce the people to the Healing School and its programs, such as the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. We are grateful to the Lord Jesus for all His great deeds through us.” He added thankfully. The team of the Healing School Cyber Church continues in their passion for the furtherance of the Gospel and transformation of lives in their catchments and regions beyond. 

You too can be a part of those changing lives around the world through the Spread Faith Campaign. Sign up today to distribute free copies of Healing to the Nations Magazine to all those in your sphere of contact. 

Kindly visit www.enterthehealingschool.org/spreadfaith

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