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In July, Roseline had reached the end of her rope; she was suffering from mixed connective tissue disease and interstitial lung disease. Both conditions combined to leave her bedridden, hooked up to an oxygen tank, and without any real hope of recovery. Everything changed when she registered for the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris; he commanded the evil spirit to leave, and she recovered.

Roseline is not alone: Charlotte Dzelemonyu had suffered for 5 years from hidradenitis suppurativa, a disease that presented with boils that would not heal. While she was participating in the Healing Streams, she suddenly noticed that she could lift her arms, something that had hitherto been impossible due to the boils in both her armpits.

All over the globe, the same thing was happening; hitherto incurable conditions vanished at the mention of the Name of Jesus, and people who had been given up for dead suddenly received a new lease on life.

And now, it’s happening again! From October 29 through October 31, 2021, it’s going to happen again. You too can be God’s outstretched arm to the sick and wounded in your corner of the world. Here’s how.

Discussing the impact of these Live Healing Services, the man of God, Pastor Chris, said, "There have been lots and lots of testimonies, and they are still coming in. We've got another one coming soon and, I tell you, the world hasn't seen anything yet!"

The excitement is fever-pitch as many prepare for this most extraordinary event. Churches, organizations, and individuals in various parts of the world are in earnest prayers every minute, every hour, every day. “You and I have the responsibility of interceding for others and our prayers bring the power of God to bear upon the sick,” says Pastor Obi Umeasiegbu, zonal pastor of Christ Embassy Nigeria South-South Virtual Zone 1.

Behind many smiling faces are people worried about an ailing relative somewhere. This makes it paramount to tell everyone about the Healing Streams because, in the words of the Pastor Deola Phillips (director of the Healing School), “Only those who hear about the program and act in faith by participating in the program will be healed.”

Register your loved ones who need healing. Register the janitor in your office who’s suffered from back pain all the while you’ve known him. Register everyone you know. They don’t need to go anywhere special to get healed. “The power of God is where you are; it reaches even to the realm of the dead,” Pastor Deola emphasizes.

You only need to spend a few hours scrolling through your favorite social media feeds to realize one thing: there’s a concerted effort to spread fear all over the world. Today, people are so afraid of pathogens they are willing to give up their civil rights for the promise of protection from sickness and death. You can be a part of spreading faith instead of fear by creating virtual healing centers. All you need to do is go to www.healingstreams.tv/virtual and create a virtual healing center, to which you can invite friends and family to watch the Healing Services with you.

Now, it’s time to take action.

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