Healing School Ambassadors’ Outreach In South Africa

Healing School Ambassadors are carriers of eternal verities to their world. Using the various Healing School products, platforms, and programs, they have impacted lives and taken healing to the many, spreading the message of our Lord Jesus to all. 

Alongside others, Rumbidzai from the Healing School Ambassadors’ Network in South Africa reached out on an evangelical mission, ministering God’s Word to people with Healing to the Nations Magazine. 

It was a time of change for the inhabitants of Phomolong. Their hearts yearned for the life-changing truths shared with them, as evidenced by their utmost receptiveness. They listened attentively to the insights and revelations from the Word of God, and many who came with questions in their hearts were enlightened. 

The Ambassadors also prayed for those who were sick, proclaiming the healing power of God upon them. During the outreach, several of those invited to the July Healing Streams Live Healing Services participated and had their expectations met. Linda was one such participant. She lived for six years with pain all over her body, which affected both legs. She was unable to walk, lift heavy things, stand for a long time, or do normal tasks at home. At the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, she received her healing and now her life is back to normal. Her legs were restored to the glory of God. Also, her menstrual cycle that had halted for four months also started flowing again. 

Another testimony is that of João Luis. João was on his way to the healing centre when he suddenly began to feel a sharp pain that made him uncomfortable. He managed to get to the venue of the program, and the moment he walked in, he received his healing as Pastor Chris was ministering to the sick. 

Everyone reached was excited about the divine change in their lives. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the man of God, Pastor Chris, for the platform created to spread the good news. 

The team of Healing School Ambassadors continue in their work for the Lord. They do all joyfully, fulfilled in the knowledge that they are transforming lives and knowing that all they touch will never remain the same again.

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